onsdag 17. juni 2009

Adriana Ramos blogger fra Holmsbu

Adriana Ramos i Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), Regnskogfondets største samarbeidspartner i Brasil, blogger her fra dag 2 av partnerseminaret i Holmsbu:

Adriana Ramos blog:
In this second day of the event two main issues are linked in the discussion: Indigenous peoples rights and climate change.

In the first session we could see from the presentations done by Lily La Torre, from Peru, Roger Muchuba, from RDC and Mark Bujang, from Malaysia that ensuring indigenous peoples rights to their territories is a key issue that is still to be achieved.

There are however some mechanisms that can be used to support peoples efforts. The ILO 169 Convention and the UN Declaration on rights of indigenous peoples are good examples that were mentioned in the meeting.

Pressure from economic interest
The presentations made more clear that economic interestes are pressuring indigenous peoples territories and livelihoods. This makes it necessary to increase peoples knowledge about how to use international legal instruments.

The discussion regarding indigenous peoples rights is also a key issue in the Climate change convention negotiations, showed by the panelists in the second session of the day.

This event is a great opportunity to exchange experiences and different points of view. Based on this we can try to build strategies to deal with these challenges.

Adriana Ramos
Instituto Socioambiental - ISA

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