onsdag 17. juni 2009

Norway's international climate and forest initiative: Goals and ambitions 
Erik Solheim, Minister of Environment

Minister Solheim started his presentation saying that the rainforests of the world must be sustained and preserved. He cited 3 main reasons for conserving the rainforests: emission reductions, the need to preserve the diversity of species in the rainforests, and for those living in and dependent on the rainforests.

Solheim described Norway's role as trying to bring together the world community to work on the issue of rainforests and climate change. UN-REDD includes the UN system and World Bank in a single coherent structure, but this initiative must be led by the rainforest countries, he said.

Solheim went on to describe the 3 phases to this programme:
Phase 1: Establishment of pilot programmes and capacity building (present phase).
Phase 2: To establish in all main rainforest nations a REDD strategy specific to the country and context.
Phase 3: The establishment of a global market system.

Solheim outlined the main needs for the moment including transparency in the devising of REDD strategies, results must be measurable and verifiable, the need to embark upon a global system to fund national REDD strategies (to be taken up in Copenhagen and improved afterwards), and the need for funding from the developed nations of the world to make this work.

He concluded by underscoring the importance of indigenous people as important forest managers and the need for their rights to be recognized. Solheim pledged the support of Norway in empowering these groups and in embarking upon a system of payment for eco system services in the context of rainforests.

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