onsdag 17. juni 2009

Session 3: 
Sandra Moniaga on Protecting whose forest? REDD and the ongoing contested land claims

Sandra Moniaga, Head of Learning Center, Association for Community and Ecologically-based Law Reform (HuMa), Indonesia

Sandra began by explaining the title of her presentation stating that in Indonesia, the forest is claimed by many parties.

Her presentation included a general overview of latent "forestry" and "indigenous peoples" issues in Indonesia and a summary of recent REDD-related developments in Indonesia.

Sandra explained the problem of definitions, for example, the difference between an "ecological" forest vs. a "political" forest; "natural" forest degradation vs. "political" forest reduction.

According to Sandra, REDD is being developed in more than 20 sites in Indonesia. Most of these in areas inhabited by indigenous people, who have not been consulted.

Can REDD be part of the solution?

According to Sandra, several latent problems need to be addressed before REDD can be effective. Laws have to be changed to take into account human rights and indigenous and tribal peoples rights. Serious efforts need to be made to bring about conflict resolution around land and resource tenure conflict. And, participation cannot take place without an understanding of the technical terms, etc.

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