onsdag 17. juni 2009

Session 4: The economics of standing forests:
Can climate related financing schemes become the basis for new, low carbon development models in forest-

Fighting deforestation, stimulating development and strengthening the rights of forest peoples in the Amazon: How to combine multiple agendas in practical politics.

Marina Silva, Senator, Brazilian Senate, and Minister of the Environment 2003 - May 2008, Brazil

Marina spoke of her personal experience in government and in civil society working on issues of the environment and of the rights of forest peoples. According to her, there is no incompatibility between protecting the forests and the local communities, and development. In fact, she sees the forests as being fundamental for development to take place.

Marina spoke of the need for changes, complex and sometimes paradoxical changes in order to deal with the crisis. She called for a new form of production and consumption that goes beyond technology, and the need to rethink our way of life and how we are.

Marina went on to say that the time has come to undo the damage of the past and to recognize the forest peoples and other local communities for the good they have done for the planet. She spoke of the need to rethink public policy, citing examples from her time in the Ministry of the Environment in Brazil.

According to Marina, development must be sustainable and include political, social, aesthetic and ethical concerns. Mentalities must change and we must think beyond just economic value when we are constituting our identities. She called for an ethical, sustainable world vision where technical solutions are transformed into real solutions.

Along with a vision, Marina explained, laws, structures and processes would be needed for real change to take place. Structures need to be flexible so that contributions from various stakeholders can be taken on board. Processes need to be democratic and transparent.

Marina concluded that the lessons learned from Brazil are that a strong agenda and command and control policies are important, but more important is to change the development model to one that takes into account environmental concerns.

Read Marina Silva's presentation here (Portuguese)

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